Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 1: Portland - Cascade Locks

Roll over America has set off!
We gathered together at a big fountain at the riverside in Portland. All the bikes together. A lot of interested people asked one million interesting questions! NBZ made a live report which can be found here.
The CIBERQuest was included in their photo gallery which can be found here
After that we set out of Portland and took a beautifull cycle path. The route has been developed by local enthusiast that helped us along the route.
After some time we needed to take a piece of interstate:
Since we needed to cross a tunnel later the local autorities were so kind to install a riding roadblock. So we were escorted through that piece of highway and were able to cross the tunnel without any cars!
We arrived at Cascade Locks KOA campground and setup the tents for the first time!
Tomorrow longer and more heavy day ahead!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Great Vibes !!!

Arrived to Portland! After a long flight and all necessary immigration administration at the airport we've made it to the Days Inn hotel here in Portland. The enthousiasme about Roll Over America already started in the plane. The flight attendant recognized my Tshirt and asked me enthousiasticly if I was one of the riders! She knew that due to the fact that a lot of other riders flew with United to Portland. She liked it very much and was even able to explain to me that we are having a "official" ride through Portland on thursday before we start our trip. She was going to attent together with family. Great!!
We picked up the bikes yesterday from the warehouse, the reactions of people in the city were also great. They just love it and shout all kind of enthousiastic questions / comments. If we keep these kind of responds during the ride it will be one great experience with everybody along the route.
The bikes are stored in the hotel in a conference room. Packed with all kind of colours and models. Today some final prep. and then we are off. Can't wait!!