Monday, August 1, 2011

Day 2: Cascade Locks to Hat Rock Campground

This was the first day of serious riding. For the biggest part of this day we headed out on the I84. We were confronted with some serious heat! Around 95 till 100 degrees was something thats quite shocking for a dutchman that just left from a cold climate. I drank a serious amount of water, cola's, milshakes and some more. On this foto a nice view on mount Hood:
Total distance was around 240 kilometer (150 miles). We ended up at Hat Rock Campground in Hermiston. Some riders got in very late and some didnt make it at all and needed support from the support truck that we have with us.

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  1. Hello Chiel and Jacq. Understand J had to take care of some riders. So he didn't join for nothing.
    Keep on drinking watch the heartbeat.
    R & E