Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day 5: Three Rivers Resort to Missoula

What a beautifull cycling day! We started riding in the rain and in the cold! What a difference compared to the last couple of days! Ahead of us was a 90 miles ride to the top of the Lolo Pass, and the decent to Missoula ofcourse but that doesn't hurt your legs anymore. Those 90 miles did!! The beginning was a beautifull ride along the river. No cell phone service, almost no cars and just a beautifull scenery. Me and Maarten were climbing with a nice and easy pace. Then we arrived at the foot of the Lolo pass. We had some lunch there and then started the last far steeper part of the climb. That was quite challenging. The lowest gear was almost not enough, it didnt have anything to do with cycling anymore, rather working your way up to the mountain throwing water over my head every now and then. Finally I reached the top and we headed down with some considerable speeds of around 50 miles/hour. From the foot of the mountain it was something like 15 further miles to the campground in Missoula. And today we have a restday! great after 5 days of riding in a row and covering around 600 miles.

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