Monday, June 13, 2011

Some more training for the last couple of days

First of all since quite some viewers from abroad visit this Blog I've decided to completely transfer into English. The CIBERQuest is on its way to the US sailing somewhere on the ocean. The two containers will arrive on the East Coast end then move to Portland by road transport.
The last week I've been quite busy keeping my shape on my spare bike. This is an M5 Carbon High Racer:

This bike is completely different then the CIBERQuest. Only two wheels and the position on the bike is more leaned back. So I hope I will not have to adapt too much to the CIBERQuest once I arrive in the US.

Last week two nice evening trainings executed of around 90 kilometer each. Today a nice ride of about 175 km going to a hilly area in the Netherlands called "De Posbank". Great ride, nice weather just some drops of rain, a bit windy but further everything great. Shape is good, today I was able to ride with quite some wind, some climbing just by myself with an average of around 33km/h which is not a bad score.

Below the three trainingrides:

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  1. Hoi Machiel,

    Ik zal mijn ogen eens open houden want het traject Alphen aan den Rijn tot Woerden is een deel van mijn woon-werkroute. Dus mocht je eens een gele Quest tegenkomen, grote kans dat ik het ben... De kans dat je mij tegenkomt is echter niet zo heel groot omdat één deel van mijn forensroute (heen of terug) altijd héél vroeg in de ochtend, of héél laat in de avond is. Neemt niet weg dat ik mijn ogen houd.