Friday, August 5, 2011

Day 8: Helena to Harlowton

What a great day! The scenery on this day was just beautifull. It doesnt require any words, just enjoy the photo's:


  1. He, Machiel,

    Die foto met die enorme truck is dat niet de auto waar je later mee gaat rijden? Grijp je kans!
    Grapje, het ziet er allemaal heel goed uit. Sterkte verder en veel plezier.

  2. Hey guys, it looks very desolate where you are riding now! I hope the temperature is going down a little bit. It is definitely no country for old man!
    I had a look at Billings where you are heading towards now, and I must say I hope you all brought your party hats because this town rocks. It looks like this is Montana's party central. So have fun and don't stay up too late! ;-)


  3. Haha right now there is a thunderstorm, tomorrow 240 km again so i guess no party tonight...