Monday, August 8, 2011

Day 9: Harlowton - Billings

This day almost felt like a restday. Only 100 miles to ride on an easy road that was slightly going down. We quite clearly left the mountains and were driving in a hilly area. Just before Billings the road became pretty busy so we had to ride on the shoulder of the road again. Then it started to rain. On our bikes we have a special cover that enables us to almost ride completely covered. Only the head sticks out of the bike then.
The last part of the trip was a steep decent into Billings, we had to cross the city in order to get to the GOA campsite. This campsite was perfectly equipped with all facilities that we needed. After 1 hour of arrival a tremendous rainstorm broke loose. We all had to hide in the toilet facilities.
During the night some party animals came in late and decided to keep us awake unfortunately...


  1. Thank you for the great update and the pictures. I am on vacation from Delta Air Lines now and will be writing to you, Maarten and Winda when I check out this blog. My excitement is building for riding a velomobile in the Netherlands maybe in September. I am not sure of my September schedule of work yet, but will keep everyone posted of when I will come to Amsterdam!!
    Keep up the good work, Paige Quattlebaum

  2. Hi Paige, how nice that you have been checking out my blog! Maarten, Winda and me are doing fine! We already crossed more than half the US and are about to head for Mineanapolis. It would be great to meet you in the Netherlands and introduce you to recumbents and Velomobiles!! Let us know when you know you will be in the Netherlands so we can meet! take care!